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Uninsured Drivers Risk Stiff Fines and Crushed Cars!

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It used to be the case that drivers who were uninsured only risked being caught while driving on the road, but that’s all changed now! Vehicle owners are being warned that they face stiffer penalties than previously and do not need to be actually driving their vehicles.

Those whose car etc is parked up are required to make a SORN [statutory off the road notification]. Uninsured drivers without this declaration could be served with fixed penalty notices, receive £1,000 fines or even be in danger of having their car crushed!

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) now operate a scheme which apprehends 3,000 uninsured drivers each day. In October 2018, the partnership issued it’s five millionth warning letter, with head of enforcement at MIB Neil Drane stating that ‘with the scheme in place there is nowhere to hide’. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau assists innocent motorists who are unfortunate enough to be involved in accidents and collisions with uninsured vehicle owners.

It is generally accepted that uninsured driving has a devastating impact, and the UK has seen a rise in accident claims against illegal road users. Notably there has been an increase in compensation claims of around 10%, which could indicate that more people are driving while uninsured. This obviously poses greater risk to road users, along with resulting in elevated insurance premiums.

Data is cross-checked using the Motor Insurance Database record of UK motor insurance policies and DVLA vehicle records, identifying individuals with no insurance. This information is accessed in order to send insurance advisory letters to uninsured car owners. The automated system along with ongoing police efforts is an effective way to ensure the number of uninsured drivers is reduced. This makes the roads safer for everybody.

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