Simple Rules for Vehicle Hire Happiness

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park1A warning issued by the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association [BVRLA] urges motorists to stay aware when looking to hire a car or other vehicle. Certain unscrupulous individuals have been known to set up bogus car hire businesses in order to scam unsuspecting members of the public. This practice is seen more often around holiday periods such as Christmas when people are anxious to hire, but these criminals can operate at any time. Offers of low price car hire online or in the press are extremely tempting and hard to resist. Even if they seem to good to be true there are always people who will be taken in by false websites and bogus call centres, passing themselves off as legitimate. There have been several case where people have handed over hundreds of pounds, only to discover there is no company and no car.

That is why it is important make a few simple checks to verify whether or not you are dealing with a genuine company.

  • If you see that the company you are dealing with displays the BVRLA logo on their website or reception desk, it is likely to be a real car hire company. Members of the BVRLA are vetted and expected to operate to professional standards. The BVRLA also provide a conciliation service which customers are free to access.
  • A red flag should be triggered if a company appears to operate its business from a PO box or virtual office.
  • Check whether or not the company actually owns the vehicle fleet.
  • Always be wary about ‘too good to be true’ prices.

There are many trustworthy and reliable car hire companies who try to provide the very best service for their customers, so people should not be put off by a few bad apples!


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