Car Hire Sector Looking Forward to Steady Growth in Business

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Alternatives to car ownership was the subject of vigorous debate during a seminar held in 2012, by the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association [BVRLA] and the RAC Foundation. This issue is becoming increasingly relevant as more and more people seek to cut excess spending on things like fuel. Concerns about the negative impact of carbon emissions on the environment are also part of the reason to look for solutions other than car ownership.

Car use is an important part of everyday life with 64% of journeys and 78% of distance covered involving cars. Getting from A to B in the UK can be difficult using only public transport, especially in rural locations.

The seminar noted that a popular way to address the negative aspects of car ownership, is by developing the idea of pay-as-you-go schemes, such as self drive car hire. Car hire companies are expecting a definite upturn in business, as more people choose this option. The convenience of acquiring a vehicle of your choice for however long you need, without the expense of owning it, is a tempting thought. Tax, insurance and fuel all take their toll on the motorists budget, which is why people are turning to other solutions for getting around. There is also the advantage that hire cars from reliable companies are likely to be expertly maintained and are usually the latest models, making the driving experience extremely pleasurable. Most car hire companies have a great range of cars, vans, trucks and minibuses and are normally competitively priced.

Schemes such as car clubs exist, whether traditional and one-way allowing short term hire. Peer-to-peer schemes work with the service playing the role of a middle-man, assisting with communication between private car owners and potential renters. Liftsharing is also widely practiced which sees two or more people sharing a single car, saving petrol and expense. All of these measures will help with efforts towards a cleaner environment in the long run.

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