6 Tips for Car Security

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Your car is your main way of getting from A to B, which is why it’s important to take steps to make sure some kind person doesn’t drive off in it. Unfortunately cars are and always have been targets for thieves, whether it’s wanting the valuables left inside or taking the actual vehicle. In late 2017, the RAC announced that vehicle thefts had risen by 30% over three years. While modern security systems are good deterrents, standard and prestige cars are as at risk as ever.

It’s important to ensure that your central locking system has worked by listening for that click sound, or looking to see the indicators flash. If your car has these features and either or both don’t work, it could mean that your key fob which isn’t working. With a lock that is not activating, you are left with an unprotected car, and any alarm may also not work. It is wise to check your car door handle before leaving the car. If your car is fitted with a keyless entry system, visually check internal catches etc through the window. Other tips include:-

  • Always park your car in a well lit area, near to the building you are in or where you can see it from inside.
  • Incredibly people leave sat navs, phones, wallets, bags and important documents in full view for anybody to see. Hide them away or better still, take them with you.
  • Check your user manual to see if your car has any security systems built in that you are unaware of and could be using.
  • Keep keys in a safe place in the home, away from the letterbox and windows. Leave keys downstairs at night too so that burglars don’t feel tempted to search upstairs to find them.
  • If your number plates go missing, don’t dismiss it, report it to the police as they could be being used for some dubious purpose.
  • Never leave your car while the engine is running, even if it’s just to pop into the house or shop. If it is stolen in this state your insurance will be invalidated.

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