FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check by Professional Mechanics

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The famous saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, was never more true than in the area of car maintenance. Unnecessary time and money wasted on repairs that could easily have been avoided is frustrating and inconvenient. Then there is the issue of safety and legality where, for instance your windscreen wipers are malfunctioning or a light is not working, this can bring danger when driving in bad weather, plus you risk being stopped and fined. Even when your car is in the garage being put right, having to arrange alternative transport can be a headache. This can all be avoided when your car undergoes regular health checks, allowing potential problems to be diagnosed and remedied.

Our web promotion partners Allied Garage Services, Chelmsford, Essex, offer a FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check to the same high standards as their hire cars and vans receive. Allied Garage Services are specialists in Ford vehicles, particularly vans, and have a vast knowledge of all vehicle makes and models. Limited experience and time restrictions mean that car owners are advised to seek qualified mechanics to carry out these checks, for a professional result.

The 6 important areas to be checked are:-

  • Battery ÔÇô Failure of the car battery is one of the main reasons for car breakdown call outs, so this check is crucial to vehicle performance.
  • Bulbs ÔÇô Fully working bulbs on headlamps, indicator tail and brake lights are a legal requirement and they are subject to frequent breakage needing replacement.
  • Wiper Blades ÔÇô It is dangerous to drive with poor visibility especially in bad weather, so the wiper blade check is a must.
  • Screen Wash ÔÇô Your blades may not function as well without the addition of screen wash.
  • Oil Level ÔÇô Many people do not realise how essential their car oil level is, too little or too much can cause significant damage to the engine and its smooth running.
  • Tyres ÔÇô It pays to ensure that the condition of your tyres is up to speed, tread depth, pressure and wear pattern should all be checked. This affects safety, legality and vehicle performance and ought not be overlooked.

Whether your vehicle is a Ford or from any other manufacturer, Allied Garage Services will provide you with a quality customer focused service, so call them to arrange your FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check on 01245 496155

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