Popularity of Short Term Vehicle Hire on the Rise

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It is perhaps a sign of economic instability, when vehicle hire companies report increased demand for short term vehicle rental. One company has noted a 38% rise in short term hire from the corporate sector in 2013. This is thought to be due to a level of cautiousness on the part of businesses, who may not want to commit to more substantial, long term fleets. Short term vehicle hire affords businesses more flexibility, allowing them to increase or decrease the size of their fleet, in reaction to necessity. This cuts out termination costs and vehicle depreciation.

Car derived vans are a popular choice for short term hire, particularly useful for smaller companies who want to avoid investing in additional vehicles. Some vehicle hire companies have noted a significant increase in local authority, health trusts and central government business. Vehicle hire is being accessed by these bodies, in a number of ways, whether its by the hour, day or even a month or more. Short term hire of cars, vans, minibuses and trucks can prove extremely cost effective for many companies, not only as there is no need for mileage reimbursement, cleaning or maintenance costs.

A good quality vehicle hire company like Allied Self Drive Hire at Lakeside, Essex, will offer short or long term hire, and will do all of the hard work for you, leaving you to relax and drive away in a well maintained, high performance car, 4×4, minibus, truck or van. Allied are a privately owned business, which comes with a number of advantages. A dedicated, customer focused team are delighted to assist customers with any queries or problems ensuring a high level of satisfaction every time. Allied are not bound to hard and fast rules as are some larger vehicle hire companies, allowing them to deliver an extremely adaptable service. Customers return to Allied time and time again and each of their three branches are happy to welcome new clients.

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