The Right Van Hire For The Job

Most private car owners have just the one car and we use it for everything. It ferries us to and from work, it taxis the kids to the clubs, we stick a roof-rack on top when we go on holiday and we lower the back seats to take the rubbish to the tip. We choose the car we buy because of its versatility.

Most small businesses only have the one vehicle. Usually it’s a small van or a transit. Like the car we drive the company van does a litle bit of everything. It makes deliveries, it carries tools and equipment, it fetches new stock and,┬áat the weekend, we use it for our own private use. Like the car, sometimes it is too big for the load it is carrying and sometimes we have to make two or three trips.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have just the right vehicle for every occasion. If I’m nipping into town I just need a small, fuel efficient city car: easy to drive, cheap to run. If I’m heading away for the weekend I’d like something bigger and more comfortable for the long drive, with space for the suitcases (and the golf clubs.) If I’m going away with friends, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all go together, in the one vehicle, rather than travelling in convoy using three times as much petrol.

Car hire, van hire and minibus hire from Allied Hire, Chelmsford make all of this possible and in the long run it will save us time and money. Minibus Hire is cheaper than taking multiple cars to the same destination and it is much more fun, too. Hiring a van for peak delivery times is far cheaper than keeping a company vehicle parked up for most of the year. Owning a small car and hiring a larger vehicle for those few days of the year when most of us make long and tiring journeys could save a small fortune.

Allied Hire, Chelmsford rent out cars, vans, trucks, minibuses, people carriers and MPVs by the day, the week, the month or longer. Short and longer term lease hire can be arranged on all vehicles making it perfect for company projects and ideal for the businesses whose work is seasonal.

Imagine waking up in the morning, looking out of the window and saying ‘today I will have that one’. At Allied Hire, Chelmsford, anything is possible.

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