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Uninsured Drivers Risk Stiff Fines and Crushed Cars!

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It used to be the case that drivers who were uninsured only risked being caught while driving on the road, but that’s all changed now! Vehicle owners are being warned that they face stiffer penalties than previously and do not need to be actually driving their vehicles.

Those whose car etc is parked up are required to make a SORN [statutory off the road notification]. Uninsured drivers without this declaration could be served with fixed penalty notices, receive £1,000 fines or even be in danger of having their car crushed!

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) now operate a scheme which apprehends 3,000 uninsured drivers each day. In October 2018, the partnership issued it’s five millionth warning letter, with head of enforcement at MIB Neil Drane stating that ‘with the scheme in place there is nowhere to hide’. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau assists innocent motorists who are unfortunate enough to be involved in accidents and collisions with uninsured vehicle owners.

It is generally accepted that uninsured driving has a devastating impact, and the UK has seen a rise in accident claims against illegal road users. Notably there has been an increase in compensation claims of around 10%, which could indicate that more people are driving while uninsured. This obviously poses greater risk to road users, along with resulting in elevated insurance premiums.

Data is cross-checked using the Motor Insurance Database record of UK motor insurance policies and DVLA vehicle records, identifying individuals with no insurance. This information is accessed in order to send insurance advisory letters to uninsured car owners. The automated system along with ongoing police efforts is an effective way to ensure the number of uninsured drivers is reduced. This makes the roads safer for everybody.

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Motorway crash – What to do

Anybody seeing the footage of the horrific car crash pile up on the M60, M62 during the recent bad weather would have wondered about the after effects of that crash. Where would those lucky people in the cars go? Who would take their car away? Are they repairable? Insurance cover? A lot of things to think about!

Twenty people were injured in that 16 vehicle motorway pile up. Nobody was trapped in any of the vehicles involved and no-one was taken to hospital. How lucky were they?

But it does leave you thinking, what would I do? Are we insured for recovery if we had any sort of bump, breakdown or tyre blow out. There are tales of being left on the motorway for hours while you wait allbeit maybe for a relative or a vehicle recovery truck to come to the rescue. It is a terrifying experience when cars are speeding past and you are thinking what to do, maybe you have small children with you or on your own.

Here are some points of advice:
1. Make sure you are in a safe place.
Move your vehicle off the road if possible, to a soft verge or pull onto the hard shoulder if you are on a motorway and can’t turn off at the next exit. Make sure you stop as far to the left as you can.
2. Put your hazard warning lights on
If it’s dark or foggy leave your sidelights on too.
3. Stay well away from moving traffic.
It is usually safest to get out of your car (using the doors facing away from passing traffic) and wait behind a barrier. If you are on a motorway move up the bank if you can. Leave animals in the car.
4. If you don’t have a mobile walk to an emergency phone on your side of the carriageway. Follow the arrows on the posts at the back of the hard shoulder – the phone is free and connects to the police.

There is no hard shoulder so follow these steps:

If you have to stop in a traffic lane, turn on your hazard lights as soon as possible.
If you are in the left hand lane get out of the vehicle and wait behind barrier, if you cant get out, or you are in another lane and it’s not safe to leave the vehicle, stay in your car with your seatbelt on and dial 999.

You could be anywhere in the country so getting home to where you want to be is a priority. Vehicle hire is probably the best option offer a reliable service at competitive prices.


FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check by Professional Mechanics

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The famous saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, was never more true than in the area of car maintenance. Unnecessary time and money wasted on repairs that could easily have been avoided is frustrating and inconvenient. Then there is the issue of safety and legality where, for instance your windscreen wipers are malfunctioning or a light is not working, this can bring danger when driving in bad weather, plus you risk being stopped and fined. Even when your car is in the garage being put right, having to arrange alternative transport can be a headache. This can all be avoided when your car undergoes regular health checks, allowing potential problems to be diagnosed and remedied.

Our web promotion partners Allied Garage Services, Chelmsford, Essex, offer a FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check to the same high standards as their hire cars and vans receive. Allied Garage Services are specialists in Ford vehicles, particularly vans, and have a vast knowledge of all vehicle makes and models. Limited experience and time restrictions mean that car owners are advised to seek qualified mechanics to carry out these checks, for a professional result.

The 6 important areas to be checked are:-

  • Battery ÔÇô Failure of the car battery is one of the main reasons for car breakdown call outs, so this check is crucial to vehicle performance.
  • Bulbs ÔÇô Fully working bulbs on headlamps, indicator tail and brake lights are a legal requirement and they are subject to frequent breakage needing replacement.
  • Wiper Blades ÔÇô It is dangerous to drive with poor visibility especially in bad weather, so the wiper blade check is a must.
  • Screen Wash ÔÇô Your blades may not function as well without the addition of screen wash.
  • Oil Level ÔÇô Many people do not realise how essential their car oil level is, too little or too much can cause significant damage to the engine and its smooth running.
  • Tyres ÔÇô It pays to ensure that the condition of your tyres is up to speed, tread depth, pressure and wear pattern should all be checked. This affects safety, legality and vehicle performance and ought not be overlooked.

Whether your vehicle is a Ford or from any other manufacturer, Allied Garage Services will provide you with a quality customer focused service, so call them to arrange your FREE 6 Point Vehicle Health Check on 01245 496155

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Car Hire, Van Rentals … and Getting Your Car Serviced

Allied Self Drive Hire in Brentwood and Chelmsford, Essex, have an enviable reputation in providing the very best in car hire and van rentals. They are one of the few vehicle hire companies to offer minibus rentals and have developed a real expertise in car hire for customers travelling to Europe.

Allied Self Drive Hire have an extensive fleet of vehicles. From economical city cars to hatchbacks and sedans, Allied have the right car for every occasion. The same great choice extends to their van rentals with the compact Transit Connect at one of the spectrum right up to the 7.5T Mercedes truck with tail lift at the other.

With cars, vans, minibuses and trucks available to hire by the day, the week, the month, or longer, Allied offer excellent value for money to private and business customers alike. Short and longer term leasing makes vehicle hire the most economical way to provide transport for many Essex businesses.

A collection and delivery service is available to make vehicle hire an easy option for all customers and now Allied Self Drive Hire have put their experience to good practice with the opening of a new Garage Service Centre at their branch in Chelmsford, Essex.

Allied mechanics and vehicle technicians are highly skilled at keeping the extensive range of Allied vehicles on the road and in tiptop shape. They now offer the same service to Allied customers throughout Essex. For car maintenance, servicing and repairs, Allied are there for brakes, clutches, tyres and exhausts. They can even arrange MOT’s and provide a hire car while the customer’s own vehicle is off the road.

For more information contact Allied Self Drive Hire on 01245 496155.

Car Hire, Van Rentals … and Getting Your Car Serviced.

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Northern Car Storage web marketing partners, Allied Van Hire, Chelmsford, have reported a long and busy summer.

Car hire proved popular for families, couple and singles taking off for summer vacations in the UK and in Europe. For many people, owning a car is not a day to day necessity. It is far cheaper and often more convenient to use public transport for commuting to work but there are times when the freedom of your own vehicle makes a huge difference. Hiring a car or a people carrier from Allied Can Hire, Chelmsford, for a day, a week or longer makes perfect financial sense. With a great selection – from the small but perfectly formed Fiat 500 to the 9 seat Mercedes Traveliner – there is something for everyone.

Allied Self Drive Hire have branches in Brentwood and Lakeside as well as Chelmsford. Together they have a wealth of experience in providing hire cars for use on the continent. It is a short hop to France from the ferry ports of Essex or the Eurotunnel at Folkestone and Chelmsford is ideally placed for collecting a hire car on the way.

Now the autumn is well and truly upon us, Allied Van Hire, Chelmsford is as busy as ever. Sports teams and sports fans regularly hire minibuses and people carriers for weekend fixtures. Short and longer term car hire is taken up with local companies working on fixed term projects while van and truck hire remains strong throughout the year.

With a great range of small, mid-size and large vans and trucks, Allied Van Hire, Chelmsford, caters to every need. They can be exceptionally busy in the lead up to Christmas as local companies take on extra vehicles to make Christmas deliveries. To make sure of having the vehicle you want for the time when you want it, visit Allied Van Hire, Chelmsford, at

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Popularity of Short Term Vehicle Hire on the Rise

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It is perhaps a sign of economic instability, when vehicle hire companies report increased demand for short term vehicle rental. One company has noted a 38% rise in short term hire from the corporate sector in 2013. This is thought to be due to a level of cautiousness on the part of businesses, who may not want to commit to more substantial, long term fleets. Short term vehicle hire affords businesses more flexibility, allowing them to increase or decrease the size of their fleet, in reaction to necessity. This cuts out termination costs and vehicle depreciation.

Car derived vans are a popular choice for short term hire, particularly useful for smaller companies who want to avoid investing in additional vehicles. Some vehicle hire companies have noted a significant increase in local authority, health trusts and central government business. Vehicle hire is being accessed by these bodies, in a number of ways, whether its by the hour, day or even a month or more. Short term hire of cars, vans, minibuses and trucks can prove extremely cost effective for many companies, not only as there is no need for mileage reimbursement, cleaning or maintenance costs.

A good quality vehicle hire company like Allied Self Drive Hire at Lakeside, Essex, will offer short or long term hire, and will do all of the hard work for you, leaving you to relax and drive away in a well maintained, high performance car, 4×4, minibus, truck or van. Allied are a privately owned business, which comes with a number of advantages. A dedicated, customer focused team are delighted to assist customers with any queries or problems ensuring a high level of satisfaction every time. Allied are not bound to hard and fast rules as are some larger vehicle hire companies, allowing them to deliver an extremely adaptable service. Customers return to Allied time and time again and each of their three branches are happy to welcome new clients.

You can contact Allied Self Drive Hire, Lakeside on 01708 892699

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The Right Van Hire For The Job

Most private car owners have just the one car and we use it for everything. It ferries us to and from work, it taxis the kids to the clubs, we stick a roof-rack on top when we go on holiday and we lower the back seats to take the rubbish to the tip. We choose the car we buy because of its versatility.

Most small businesses only have the one vehicle. Usually it’s a small van or a transit. Like the car we drive the company van does a litle bit of everything. It makes deliveries, it carries tools and equipment, it fetches new stock and,┬áat the weekend, we use it for our own private use. Like the car, sometimes it is too big for the load it is carrying and sometimes we have to make two or three trips.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have just the right vehicle for every occasion. If I’m nipping into town I just need a small, fuel efficient city car: easy to drive, cheap to run. If I’m heading away for the weekend I’d like something bigger and more comfortable for the long drive, with space for the suitcases (and the golf clubs.) If I’m going away with friends, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all go together, in the one vehicle, rather than travelling in convoy using three times as much petrol.

Car hire, van hire and minibus hire from Allied Hire, Chelmsford make all of this possible and in the long run it will save us time and money. Minibus Hire is cheaper than taking multiple cars to the same destination and it is much more fun, too. Hiring a van for peak delivery times is far cheaper than keeping a company vehicle parked up for most of the year. Owning a small car and hiring a larger vehicle for those few days of the year when most of us make long and tiring journeys could save a small fortune.

Allied Hire, Chelmsford rent out cars, vans, trucks, minibuses, people carriers and MPVs by the day, the week, the month or longer. Short and longer term lease hire can be arranged on all vehicles making it perfect for company projects and ideal for the businesses whose work is seasonal.

Imagine waking up in the morning, looking out of the window and saying ‘today I will have that one’. At Allied Hire, Chelmsford, anything is possible.

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The Grey Fleet Mileage Report

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chlmA new survey conducted by leasing and fleet management company ‘Alphabet’, revealed the size and extent of the so called ‘Grey Fleet’. This refers to private vehicles used for business, as opposed to company cars or hire cars. The grey fleet is generally considered less eco friendly as a substantial amount of privately owned cars are older than 7 years, making them less energy efficient. Privately owned vehicles are often not maintained to very high standards, and employers find it more difficult to keep track of things like, service history, MOT and insurance. These factors have led to grey fleet travel being viewed as risky, but despite this, 2012 saw a 32% rise in grey fleet mileage.

The cost of grey fleets has reportedly risen year on year as companies increasingly reimbursed mileage at the 45p per mile AMAP rate. Businesses have difficulty estimating and calculating unpredictable and vague grey fleet costs, which is why there are grey fleet management tools around to help with this. Feedback suggests that a large amount of additional costs go unseen. Based on the total yearly mileages reported by respondents to the survey, employees of the 250 organisations questioned could be clocking up nearly 450 million business miles a year in their own private vehicles. With 60% of companies paying their drivers the 45p or more rate, it follows that this sample of 250 operators alone could be open to ‘unmanaged’ grey fleet miles per year numbering over 130 million, at a cost of at least ┬ú60 million.

Some local authorities have been studying possible savings by replacing their company car schemes with a cash allowance. This would look good politically and financially in the short term, but experts believe all things considered, it would have negative long term effects.


A positive vehicle hire experience is offered by Allied Self Drive Vehicle Hire, Chelmsford, where high quality cars, vans, minibuses and trucks are available at competitive prices. With all the latest technology, these vehicles are energy efficient and reliable, helping the environment and assisting in keeping customers blood pressure down!. They can be used at home or abroad for holidays, relocation or general convenience. Call Allied Chelmsford on 01245 496 155

Hire Vehicles, Fully Maintained & Serviced to Highest Standards, at Competitive Prices.



Simple Rules for Vehicle Hire Happiness

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park1A warning issued by the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association [BVRLA] urges motorists to stay aware when looking to hire a car or other vehicle. Certain unscrupulous individuals have been known to set up bogus car hire businesses in order to scam unsuspecting members of the public. This practice is seen more often around holiday periods such as Christmas when people are anxious to hire, but these criminals can operate at any time. Offers of low price car hire online or in the press are extremely tempting and hard to resist. Even if they seem to good to be true there are always people who will be taken in by false websites and bogus call centres, passing themselves off as legitimate. There have been several case where people have handed over hundreds of pounds, only to discover there is no company and no car.

That is why it is important make a few simple checks to verify whether or not you are dealing with a genuine company.

  • If you see that the company you are dealing with displays the BVRLA logo on their website or reception desk, it is likely to be a real car hire company. Members of the BVRLA are vetted and expected to operate to professional standards. The BVRLA also provide a conciliation service which customers are free to access.
  • A red flag should be triggered if a company appears to operate its business from a PO box or virtual office.
  • Check whether or not the company actually owns the vehicle fleet.
  • Always be wary about ‘too good to be true’ prices.

There are many trustworthy and reliable car hire companies who try to provide the very best service for their customers, so people should not be put off by a few bad apples!


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Car Hire Sector Looking Forward to Steady Growth in Business

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Alternatives to car ownership was the subject of vigorous debate during a seminar held in 2012, by the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association [BVRLA] and the RAC Foundation. This issue is becoming increasingly relevant as more and more people seek to cut excess spending on things like fuel. Concerns about the negative impact of carbon emissions on the environment are also part of the reason to look for solutions other than car ownership.

Car use is an important part of everyday life with 64% of journeys and 78% of distance covered involving cars. Getting from A to B in the UK can be difficult using only public transport, especially in rural locations.

The seminar noted that a popular way to address the negative aspects of car ownership, is by developing the idea of pay-as-you-go schemes, such as self drive car hire. Car hire companies are expecting a definite upturn in business, as more people choose this option. The convenience of acquiring a vehicle of your choice for however long you need, without the expense of owning it, is a tempting thought. Tax, insurance and fuel all take their toll on the motorists budget, which is why people are turning to other solutions for getting around. There is also the advantage that hire cars from reliable companies are likely to be expertly maintained and are usually the latest models, making the driving experience extremely pleasurable. Most car hire companies have a great range of cars, vans, trucks and minibuses and are normally competitively priced.

Schemes such as car clubs exist, whether traditional and one-way allowing short term hire. Peer-to-peer schemes work with the service playing the role of a middle-man, assisting with communication between private car owners and potential renters. Liftsharing is also widely practiced which sees two or more people sharing a single car, saving petrol and expense. All of these measures will help with efforts towards a cleaner environment in the long run.

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